Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Night School: The Final Project!

It has been so long since I was regularly posting on this blog. It has been a crazy few months and balancing everything has been a challenge. I truly admire the bloggers out there who balance life, career and a blog! It's a true art. My photography evening course has now come to an end *sob* and I've learned so much. Now it's over, I'm looking forward to taking better photos for this blog and continuing to develop.

As part of the course, we were tasked with creating a series of photos, using the techniques we'd learned along the way. It wasn't a major project and if I'd have had more time, I would've really developed this further (oh, how I wish I could go back to full-time school and properly study photography!). I initially had in mind that I wanted to create an editorial style 'day in the life' type shoot with Ben kindly agreeing to be my model, as that's the style of photography I love the most. However, when Ben took off his sunnies and I went in for a close portrait shot, a glimpse of personality shone through. I liked the idea that people are usually so posed for photos, but then you can catch a glimpse of something a bit more 'real' in amongst a series of shots. So, I decided this project would be a kind of mix of both the ideas! I still have so much to learn, but going back to 'school' has been so fab and I definitely will be looking into doing some more part-time courses in the near future!

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