Sunday, 19 June 2016


I have always, always loved Primark. Their life saving basics, their on-point fashion pieces and most importantly, their prices are things I have a lot of love for. For a gal on a budget, Primark is the ultimate go-to shop.

I recently landed my dream job and became part of Primark's Social Media team. I adore the brand, love being creative and am a social media addict, so I feel ridiculously lucky to be involved in all 'o that at work! My new role meant I got to go along to the Autumn/Winter Press Day and cover the event on social media. For an industry novice like myself, I found this super daunting, and spent the first part of the day in a sweaty panic, nervously asking super bloggers if they wouldn't mind talking on our Snapchat channel and running around shooting certain aspects of the event. After a while though, I got into the swing of things and instead of panicking, began to enjoy talking to industry influentials who I so enjoy to follow and have so much admiration for. It was a really enjoyable day, and I take so much experience away from it. Next time, I'll try to be a bit more relaxed and will strive to get even better with my event coverage!

I took a few snaps of my own from the event. The collections were so beautiful, I had to talk about it on here too! They'll be hitting the stores from August, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! Not only do these pieces take a more high fashion stance, but in true Primark tradition, they're wonderfully purse-friendly. I know I'll be snapping up as much as I can from the A/W range!


  1. Everything looks so nice! They remind me of those aesthetic fashion posts on tumblr :)


  2. i loved primarks snapchat during the press days. the a/w season looks amazing. i want everything.

  3. I saw some of the Primark previews the other day online and everything looks so nice and I can't wait for Autumn now! xx

  4. Oh my gaaaaad I can't deal with all the sequins! Primark are killing it more and more each season <3 congrats on the new job too! xx

  5. i honestly can't wait to get my hands on the make up brushes and home wear <33 it looks so pretty!!!

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