Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Back to (Night) School

Well, hey there!

This little post is of a slightly different kind. No outfits, no exhibitions or trips, but what I actually want to talk about is the new photography class I'm taking! It's an evening course that's being held once a week and is so handy to fit around a full time career.

I have always loved photography. My favourite part of my A-Level art coursework was always taking the photographs ready to paint/sculpt/draw from. I seriously considered taking my passion into university, but after whispers of 'it's too competitive' and fear of not being good enough, all mixed with an all-out exhaustion post my first year of the demanding sixth form art course, I decided I would go down another route. I loved the course I chose, but still had that drive to get creative and photography was my way of doing that. I only ever shot on my phone or basic digital camera, but I still so enjoyed composing images and always loved to flick through editorial fashion magazines.

After graduating, I started blogging as a way to harness my creative urges. I completely adore fashion and love social media, photography and a little writing too, so it was the perfect outlet. Not long after I started this blog, I decided to purchase my first DSLR as wanted those perfect blogger shots. I read all I could find on photography, and it gave me a good grounding; however, I knew I needed just that extra bit of guidance to help me reach my camera's full potential.

A friend of mine, who's equally passionate about photography, attended the same course at a local college last year and she couldn't recommend it enough. So, with one of my new years' resolutions this year being to 'proppah learn photography', I took the plunge.

I've had two lessons so far and above all the technical stuff I'm learning (which, already  I'm impressed with), it's completely inspiring and has reignited my passion for picking up a camera.

Considering I'm talking about a photography course, there's an awful lot of writing here, huh? So, enough of my declaration of love, I just wanted to show you a couple of shots I took following the first lesson, which was all about movement. We were tasked with taking three or four images, demonstrating the techniques we'd been shown. Again, as much as I had read on shutter speed, and even tried playing around with it now and again, the lesson really honed in on adjusting shutter speed and the different dimension it can add to a photo.

I'll start with my favourite image, and probably the one I'm most proud of. Light painting is hardly a new or innovative technique and I definitely didn't nail it. But actually giving it a go (simply by using my iPhone torch and waving it madly around Ben's head!), adjusting the shutter speed (eventually I got down to 4 seconds and that seemed to be the best timing) and getting something that worked was a mini achievement.

My next movement image, was the attempt at catching something in the moment and blurring the motion to get that sense of life in the image. I didn't quite have the balls to take photos of random commuters, so my pal Victoria was happy to be my model, to pretend to look back at St Paul's as she strutted down the road. Again, a work in progress, but I was happy that I managed to keep the background fairly focused with the low shutter speed, even when hand holding! I think this was about 1/8 of a second.

My third and final image was a frozen in time shot (around 1/1000 shutter speed). I asked Ben to jump around in the back garden, and as you can see, he definitely went for it! Such personality in this image and even though it's a completely still image, the movement in it is clear. The series of shots has really got me thinking even more deeply about the art of photography and how amazing that can be!

When my class displayed their images for us all to see, there was a real sense of pride and I loved seeing how everyone else interpreted movement and how they put the techniques into practice. It is such a rewarding hobby! I look forward to keeping you updated with the next few classes and the images I produce from them!

For anyone thinking of taking that night-school plunge - GO FOR IT! It's always a good idea to learn something new :)

See more about the course here!


  1. I can't even begin to tell you how interesting this post is to me. I am forever wondering how people achieve such shots and you've simply paragraphed how you calculated it. This is for sure something I'd like to develop and purse myself - so thank you :) for a really lovely post xx


    1. Ahh, thanks so much for such a lovely comment! I could not recommend doing a little part time course enough if you're pondering it! I am always so desperate to get better at photography and this course has helped no end! So glad you found this post useful! :) x