Sunday, 31 January 2016

Shirt Alert


Long Shirt: H&M // White Shirt: New Look // Leather Jacket: River Island // Jeans: Topshop // Boots: River Island // Hat, Bag & Sunglasses: Primark

What's this? I'm not wearing a high neck top??! Something funny must be going on! Well, in a way, there kinda is something funny going on - this winter has been is pretty darn odd. I've shot a couple of outfits down this local street before (here and here!) and lately I've been happening to notice these blossoms (is that a usual thing in winter? I'm not great on my horticulture, so maybe I've missed that before!). 

The pink petals got me in the mood for spring, and in turn, I thought it was about time I injected a bit of bright into my winter wardrobe - cue this incredible long shirt from H&M. This gorgeous oriental pattern was enough to have my head turned, but the length and versatility of this piece have got me loving it even more. It's technically a shirt dress, but I do love a good bit of layering, so decided to wear it as a sort of 'under-jacket' over another crisp, white shirt from New Look on this occasion.

I impulsively bought these black River Island ankle boots after spotting them for £40 in the January sale. Admittedly, they are just that little bit high for every day (unless you're a seasoned heels pro) but I loved the slightly pointed toe and gold detailing on the heel. They are pretty comfy and I feel that bit more sophisticated when I wear them, so that's gotta be a plus!

I had to top the outfit off with my trusty leather look jacket and some Primark accessories (of course), I thought this jacket, fedora, sunglasses, shirt combo made for a chic 'inbetween' sort of outfit for when it's that little bit more mild on a winter's day and I wanna wear something a little bit different. And speaking of Primark accessories, these fabulous sunglasses were £1. As I often do when I've made a proud Primark purchase, I'll repeat that price; £1!!!! I love the simple rounded style as it gives a bit of a vintage edge.

This up and down, sunny one day and rainy the next winter has got me all in a muddle, but I can't deny, I'm enjoying the sight of these colourful blooms so I definitely won't complain too much!