Tuesday, 29 December 2015

2015: A Year in Outfits

Is it really nearly the end of the year again!? It always seems to come round so quickly. I have a resolution list that I seem to be forever adding to - hoping I can achieve at least a few in 2016!

I think it's great to see so many 'round up' or reflective blog posts around this time. I love reading about everyone's achievements, highs and lows and of course looking back at some of the amazing outfits the talented folk of the internet have written about this year. I also enjoyed doing a bit of a look-back last year, so naturally, I wanted to again before 2015 was officially out!

This year, I got a new job in a dream company, and although I absolutely love it, it resulted in me being a lot more busy and I had to adjust my routines, meaning the blogging has slipped in places (weekend chill outs are my besties these days). I still enjoy writing, taking photos and of course, shopping, so this year, as well as staying firmly career focused, I also want to develop a bit more of a creative skill set, hopefully starting with a little photography course in the new year. I'm hoping that this in turn will reignite my passion for what I do here and improve the content for 2016.

Wishing everyone a fabulous NYE with lots of lovely things to come your way in the new year. For now, I leave you with a few of my fave outfits from the year gone by, see you in 2016!

Getting smart in January

Feelin' all nineties in March

Dungaree lovin' in April

Keeping comfy in May

Feeling the festival envy in June

Trying out Summer Knitwear in August

Loving the Primark Palazzos in August

A spot of retro recycling in September

Swishing around in this dreamy dress in October

Another super swishy dress in October

Pretending to be Dennis the Menace in November

Seventies vibin' in December

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