Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Something Different; Something Beauty-ful

I've been writing this blog for eight months and have been focusing on 'outfit of the day' posts with a bit of lifestyle thrown in here and there. However, with a new year and a new theme design, I also thought I'd try and write about new things!

I've never done a beauty post before because, truthfully, I'm not very good at it! I love all things girly and pampering, but I'm certainly no expert and I still very much 'go with it' when it comes to applying makeup. It works about 65% of the time...

Nevertheless, I have accumulated some lovely beauty related things over the last few weeks (especially over Christmas) so I thought I'd share some with you!


Whether it's a £7 Next bargain or a pricey designer bottle, a good smelling perfume is always on my beauty list, as I'm sure it is for most of you! I tend to go for sweet, musky smells over fresh or floral but I reckon Tresor Midnight Rose ticks all the boxes. With notes of roses, jasmine and blackcurrant, it'll appeal to floral lovers; however, the musky undertones make this a perfect 'going-out' scent for people like me who prefer something with a bit more of a kick! I received this in a gift set for Christmas, so I got the added bonus of a shower gel and body lotion. It's good to layer the products for a longer lasting fragrance. 


Even ever since I big enough to choose between a bath or shower, I've always preferred a relaxing soak as opposed to a quick rinse (if I have time, that is!). With a love of baths also comes a love of bath products and the Soap and Glory ranges never disappoint. These two lovelies from the Sugar Crush range smell so sweet, and the scrub is great for exfoliating that pesky winter skin.


From the age of 16 up until I left university, my part time job was at Boots. I used to love looking at all the skincare products (when I was actually meant to be tidying the store) and learned a bit about the own brand goodies that were available. The Botanics range is lovely as it's all natural and organic - perfect for people like me with sensitive skin. I particularly like this facial scrub, something I've tried only recently. It's actually worked wonders! My skin feels smoother, brighter and I can definitely notice I have less blemishes and blotches since using it.

Another brilliant Boots skincare brand is No. 7. It's been around for years and is the affordable yet premium brand for everyone. I believe the Protect & Perfect range is normally aged at around 35 + so perhaps it is a bit strong for me, but as I got it in a No. 7 Christmas cracker, I thought I'd give it a go. It is lovely and smooth so a good little moisturiser if nothing else! I actually normally go for the Beautiful Skin products for normal to dry skin; they're amazing moisturisers and are more suited to twenty-something skin.

I always have to have some kind of lip balm, especially in winter. I've always loved the Vaseline tins as they're so handy; the rose tinted one also adds a nice bit of colour. I'm also a big fan of Maybeline's Baby Lips but I couldn't find mine to photograph! I hope it's not lost... The orange one is my favourite for a fresh look.


Now, as I said above, make-up is definitely not my forte, although I do get by! A few of my must-haves though are the above, starting with Rimmel's pressed powder in translucent. I'm quite fair, so the translucent powder goes on with no matching issues which is great, especially as Rimmel products are so purse friendly. I prefer to apply powder with a brush rather than a powder puff, I just feel it's applied a bit more softly and evenly that way (again, no expert!). I find this soft kabuki brush from H&M is perfect. It's gentle on the skin and allows for an easy, even coverage.

I always think an eyelid flick and a bright lip go a long way, so it's no surpirse that two of my top beauty picks reflect just that. Firstly, this Loreal Super Liner (similar here) is amazing at creating easy, neat flicks. I don't know about you, but I could never manoeuvre those traditional liquid eyeliner pots. I couldn't grip those little brushes right and ended up with black smudges everyyywhere. The Loreal eyeliners are fab as they're more like pens. Much easier for a clumsy soul like me! 

I adore Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks; the majority of my lipsticks originate from that range. I particularly like this magenta colour as it adds that pop to a plain look and these lipsticks are perfect for us girls on a budget!

So, there you have it, a round-up of some of my favourite beauty products. I hope you enjoyed my first beauty post! I look forward to doing a few more in the near future!

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