Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Holiday Post #3: Jumpsuit for Joy

My third and final holiday post! This one will give a little detail about the town I stayed in called Kusadasi. It's a pretty resort town on the southern Aegean Coast of Turkey; a particularly popular destination for Cruise ships as it's so close to Ephesus. It's typically touristy and has lots going on, but snippets of Kusadasi's culture and history are still easily found.

Before I show you some holiday snaps, I'll firstly show you my outfit for exploring the town by night.

Jumpsuit: Primark // Shoes: eBay // Necklace: Primark

This jumpsuit is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe at the moment and was perfect for holiday. I know, I know, Primark again! But how could I resist?! The tropical print and tailored cut adds a bit of glamour to a holiday wardrobe, and of course it was very purse friendly at around £15.

I've wanted some chunky white sandals for ages but couldn't find 'the ones' on the highstreet. I decided to do a bit of research on eBay and was amazed how many independent sellers there were with loads of styles available. These ones were around £20 with p&p and are pretty comfy. It's always a bit of a risk buying shoes from an unbranded retailer as you never know if they're going to come up big or small, but these are true to size and fit well so I was very pleased!

Anyway, onto the town!

View from our hotel. I loved the rolling hills and white and terracotta houses.


 The pretty mosque in the town

Walking into the town

Pidgeon Island

The harbour

So there you have it - a taste of Turkey, and with that we come to the end of my holiday posts. I'm actually headed to V Festival this weekend so will be on the go again! (And then I'm off to Edinburgh the week after, that's another story...). August is a busy month; I was determined to make the most of Summer as much as time off from work and funds would allow.

I will be back after the weekend to tell you about my V Festival experience. Let's hope the sun shows it's face again soon!


  1. This pictures are beautiful!!! Of course you look fab in that jumpsuit - I love how you style your Primark purchases. I'm such a fan of their affordability so it's nice to see a fashion blogger incorporate them!

  2. That's really sweet thank you! I think every girl dreams of designer but right now I'm all about affordability! I'm glad you think I style it well :) x