Sunday, 30 July 2017

Glitter and Gold

Last weekend, a pal and I went to Secret Garden Party, AKA THE coolest festival I've ever been to. It was dreamy; full of amazing music, the yummiest food stalls and totally Instagrammable moments (take a peek here!). My favourite hidden gem though, was the gorgeously golden sunflower field, and we wasted no time in diving in for our photo opportunities. I decided on a festival appropriate Primark dress. It's floaty, floral and loose-fitting, so it ticks all the boxes for me! Teamed with all Primark accessories of course, from the backpack, to the sunnies, to the wellies! Not bad for an outfit under £30, eh?!

The weekend started out with all sun and smiles, but the rain quickly poured in. That didn't spoil the music or the mood though. We danced through the wet and through the mud and it was so much fun, all capped off on the Sunday with the prettiest paint party!

Whilst I do miss the glitter in my daily beauty routine, and would definitely love to walk through sunflower fields every day, I can't deny that I'm still feeling the effects of last week's escapades (starting to sound v old!). I have this week off work to finally recover, with a few days booked by the British sea side. Stay tuned!

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