Monday, 22 May 2017

Disneyland Paris: The iPhone Edit

If you don't wear Minnie Mouse ears and pose in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle, then did you even go to Disneyland Paris?

Oh, hey there! If you happen to follow me over on the 'gram, you'll know all too well that I spent last weekend at Disneyland Paris. I seriously loved every second and definitely came over all fan-girlish when it came to that castle. My last and only other visit to Disneyland Paris was 20 years ago, and it felt just as magic being there even as an adult (although I do use the term 'adult' loosely...). So, I thought I'd share some of my top piccies from the weekend, all taken on the ol' iPhone (cannot imagine lugging round a big camera here, kudos to those who do!)

First things first, THE CASTLE. When my sister and I first arrived at Disneyland, it had been thunder-stormin' something good and proper. We still braved it into the park, and even though the sky was dull and drizzly, we couldn't hide our excitement to see the pretty pink palace against the grey! I absolutely admit that I reverted to full childhood mode walking into Disneyland. The above photo was taken on the last day in between downpours. When the sun shone it was glorious, but when it rained it, it bucketed!

I wanna take a minute to just appreciate the shops. There is a Christmas shop all. year. round. And it sells the cutest little ornaments! It's the little details that make Disneyland so magic, and the shops are no exception. I also couldn't resist an ice-cream from Fantasia Gelati. I went for strawberry cheesecake and it was delicious!

Park hoppin'! Was so fun spending the morning in Walt Disney Studios and the afternoon/evenings in Disneyland. We went on Tower of Terror three whole times and it is now my favourite ride ever. We managed to tick all the big rides off the list, and even had time to do the classics too (hello, It's a Small World! I dare you not to have that tune in your head for the rest of the day...)

Aaaand finally, Disneyland looks just as gorge at night as it does in the day. We watched the illumination show in awe! Was SUCH a fab weekend, I'm definitely dreaming of visiting the others now too. One down, five to go!

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