Monday, 24 April 2017

It's a Spring Thing

Embroidered Jacket: Primark // T-shirt: Topshop // Jeans: Topshop (similar) // Loafers: Topshop

Well, hey there! I know my last few posts have started with 'long time, no see', so that needs to stop. I pretty much just need to accept that my regular blog posts - or at least, semi regular for a novice like me - are kinda gone (at least for now) and this blog has become a little sparse. I think for now, it'll just be a place I can throw some thoughts/outfit pics etc. down if I fancy (aka have the time at the weekends if I'm not engulfed in the latest Netflix series - I'm looking at you, Line of Duty.)

So, on with the post! Spring is nice, isn't it? I don't think there's many a person out there who doesn't enjoy the sight of pink blossoms and blue skies (well, when the sun decides to show its face of course). I'm not the greatest at transitional dressing; going from winter to sort of warm is a weird one and I require weeks of adjustment before I'm finally ready to ditch the winter coat in favour of something lighter. Luckily, I purchased this dream leather jacket from Primark a few weeks back, and it's the perfect spring throw-on, especially as it has the prettiest floral embroidery detail. Phase one of the spring makeover complete!

I popped on my new fave jeans from Topshop (where else?! God I wish they were cheaper...) and a statement tee (which says 'Femme Forever' no less - let's hear it for the gals!) and felt ready to rock. The cropped length is a perfect choice for milder days and you can't go wrong with a statement tee. If need be, you can lose the jacket if the sun really decides to start shining. I think I can do this transitional dressing malarkey after all?!

My first seasonal look ticked. And maybe, just maybe, I'll surprise everyone (including myself) and get another spring appropriate look up soon. See you around, I hope!