Monday, 19 September 2016


 Jacket: Primark // Tee: Primark // Trousers: Zara // Shoes: Monki via Asos // Choker: Primark // Sunglasses: H&M

So, I FINALLY got around to shooting a little outfit post. I don't know about you, but the first couple of weeks transitioning into autumn from summer always seem really strange. I want to wear that chic winter coat but I'm also not ready to say goodbye to open toes and no tights (especially as I haven't had my 'summer' holiday yet - two weeks and counting!). 

With my 'I don't know how to quit you' attitude towards summer and the days becoming ever colder (and wetter. Thanks Monday), I thought I'd go a little mixed with this outfit. Sort of summery with my culottes and sandals, but also apparently autumnal with my camo jacket.

I need to take a little moment to appreciate this £20 camo jacket from Primark. Bae comes up trumps again with this beaut; the perfect transitional jacket with enough room underneath for an extra layer or two come the depths of winter. Camo is everywhere right now so I was pretty chuffed with this little bargain! 

Next up, these Zara culottes are the ultimate 'go with everything' trouser. Perfect for work or weekends, dressed up or down AND the best sort of thing for the in-betweeny weather. I paired them with my new and already adored Monki sandals. The silver just adds that little pop to the outfit and they are soooo comfy! I bought them for holiday, but they're just so pretty I couldn't resist wearing them a little early! 

I'm still hoping (completely, desperately hoping) that we may just see one or two sunnier days before they're gone for good, but I suppose the looming colder months do mean we can start getting out those gorgeous layers. Silver linings I suppose!

Friday, 2 September 2016

What I've Been Up To Lately!

Well, hey there! Long time no post, or at least it feels that way these days! I wanted to try so hard to not leave such a long gap between posts but as usual, the busyness of life takes over.  And now, typically, I've been struck down with a pretty nasty cold this week which has left me wanting to do little more than watch Friends in bed. 

Instead of leaving it any longer, I thought I'd post a few of my favourite Instagram snaps and talk about a few things that I've been up to lately!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the new Kerb food market in Camden with my mum. We treated ourselves to some delicious street food, including the amazinggg Blue Top icecream cookie sandwich above and these refreshing homemade lemonades! It is well worth a visit - I'll definitely be going again soon to sample more of the food on offer!

I got to see behind the scenes of Primark's Christmas campaign shoot! Working on the Social Media team at Primark is pretty awesome, and although we were shooting on probably the hottest week of the year, it still got me very excited for Christmas! And I can't wait to see the imagery when I go back to work next week. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of sparkle, glitter and gorgeous gifts over on Primark's social channels in the coming months!

Last Sunday, myself and two friends headed to Reading Festival and it was SOOO much fun! I hadn't been able to go to any other festivals this year due to a busy schedule, but my lust for a muddy field and live music couldn't be dulled, so we took the plunge and bought tickets fairly close to the event. It was fab, and probably one of my favourite festival experiences to date. I'd been to Reading Festival in 2010, and it was great to come back 6 years later! I love all kinds of music, but normally I am more of a pop music kinda gal; however, I really enjoy the alternative vibe of Reading, spending time in the Dance tent and 1Xtra tent inbetween seeing A$AP Rocky, Fall Out Boy and The 1975. All of which were amazing live - The 1975 especially is one of my favourite bands!

I've had a week off from work this week and before I was struck down with this dreaded cold, my sister and I had a little trip to sunny Brighton (and it really was very sunny indeed!). As we just spent the afternoon there, we decided just to stick to the beach and little stroll along the pier. I'd never really been before but Brighton beach is so lovely, I definitely need to visit again to make the most of the quirky shops there too! We also had the most amazing burgers at Lucky Beach!

Great British Bake Off is back!! Like you need reminding though, eh? It's one of my favourite shows EVER! So much heart, comedy, shameless innuendo and most importantly, cake! Feeling inspired, my sister made this lovely rainbow cake and it tasted as good as it looked!

So, just a quick little life update this week. I'm really itching to take some more outfit photos soon! I just need to get over this cold first... Have a fab weekend all!