Sunday, 31 January 2016

Shirt Alert


Long Shirt: H&M // White Shirt: New Look // Leather Jacket: River Island // Jeans: Topshop // Boots: River Island // Hat, Bag & Sunglasses: Primark

What's this? I'm not wearing a high neck top??! Something funny must be going on! Well, in a way, there kinda is something funny going on - this winter has been is pretty darn odd. I've shot a couple of outfits down this local street before (here and here!) and lately I've been happening to notice these blossoms (is that a usual thing in winter? I'm not great on my horticulture, so maybe I've missed that before!). 

The pink petals got me in the mood for spring, and in turn, I thought it was about time I injected a bit of bright into my winter wardrobe - cue this incredible long shirt from H&M. This gorgeous oriental pattern was enough to have my head turned, but the length and versatility of this piece have got me loving it even more. It's technically a shirt dress, but I do love a good bit of layering, so decided to wear it as a sort of 'under-jacket' over another crisp, white shirt from New Look on this occasion.

I impulsively bought these black River Island ankle boots after spotting them for £40 in the January sale. Admittedly, they are just that little bit high for every day (unless you're a seasoned heels pro) but I loved the slightly pointed toe and gold detailing on the heel. They are pretty comfy and I feel that bit more sophisticated when I wear them, so that's gotta be a plus!

I had to top the outfit off with my trusty leather look jacket and some Primark accessories (of course), I thought this jacket, fedora, sunglasses, shirt combo made for a chic 'inbetween' sort of outfit for when it's that little bit more mild on a winter's day and I wanna wear something a little bit different. And speaking of Primark accessories, these fabulous sunglasses were £1. As I often do when I've made a proud Primark purchase, I'll repeat that price; £1!!!! I love the simple rounded style as it gives a bit of a vintage edge.

This up and down, sunny one day and rainy the next winter has got me all in a muddle, but I can't deny, I'm enjoying the sight of these colourful blooms so I definitely won't complain too much! 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Leopard Loving

Coat: Mango // Mom Jeans: Topshop // Top: Primark // Shoes: Topshop // Sunglasses & Rucksack: Primark // Watch: Olivia Burton

Ok, so I can't quite shake my mom jean and high next top combo addiction, but at least I did purchase a new pair this week! I love the tapered fit of mom jeans and thought a black pair would come in handy for when I need them to look a little more smart. Gotta love a good pair of black jeans for an easy outfit.

I would like to think that it doesn't really matter what's worn underneath this coat, because, well, it might just be the most fabulous coat EVER. I snapped this leopard print beauty up in the Mango sale and I am in love. I've wanted a leopard print coat for a while but have never found the perfect print. This one however, grabbed me as soon as I saw it. The right mix of loud and sassy without bordering on the Pat Butcher (although I will admit some of her ensembles were pretty legendary). 

I finished this outfit with my new favourite bag, this pale periwinkle rucksack from Primark. Such an amazing find and I love how a rucksack adds a splash of nineties cool, not to mention it's practical too - it is only in my mid twenties do I now appreciate the practicalities with some fashion! I also had to wear my new favourite shoes, these gorgeous chunky brogues from Topshop. They are ridiculours comfy and brogues are always a great, timeless footwear option.

I definitely seem to have a bit of a faux fur thing going on lately with this new coat and the fluffy jacket I wore a couple of weeks ago. I can't deny that for me, they make the best kind of jackets. I throw on a plain pair of jeans and a top, add a faux fur coat and hey presto, a jazzy outfit is born! I just hope it stays cold for a couple more months so I can make the most of them! :)

Sunday, 17 January 2016

January Favourites

I've been really ill this weekend which means it's been a bit of a write off. I get so frustrated when I can't go out and do things and even more frustrated if I can't even relax properly either. It has not been fun, but I feel like I may be slowly on the mend this evening. With that in mind, to cheer myself up, I thought it only right that I talk about some of my favourite things for this month, all of which were lovely Christmas pressies from some of my favourite people.

These Champney nail polishes were part of a set bought for me by a Secret Santa at work. I still have no idea who bought me these, but out of all the colours, the softer, pastel colours are my faves. Despite the gloomy skies outside, they add a bit of spring to winter. Good job Secret Santa!!

Next on the list, some No7 skincare. I've always loved the Beautiful Skin range as it's suited to twenty somethings and I really like how it moisturises my skin; it is super soft and smells gentle and fresh. My favourite thing of the range though, is this overnight radiance boost. You apply it to cleansed skin before moisturising and it works its magic whilst you sleep. I genuinely notice the difference when I've used it; my skin looks brighter, smoother and a little more blemish free.

My Nana bought me this cute little scrapbook. I am such an image hoarder, so it's lovely to have a nice little book to put them in and keep them altogether. I've mentioned a few times how I like to collect magazine cuttings of outfits and other inspiring pictures - can't wait to start filling this up!

I had to dedicate three photos to the next item on the list which is a gorgeous book called Paris Street Style, given to me by my sister. As if the title didn't have me excited enough, the aesthetically pleasing layouts, images, interviews and colours inside have provided endless inspiration already and has become a favourite go-to read.

Something that was probably on a lot of people's Christmas list is an Instax camera. I asked Ben for one of these and the boy came through and even got the colour I wanted as well! Needless to say, this instant camera actually does bring the instant fun. I'm most excited to take it out on a city break and create some kind of collage photo album. The quality isn't as good as a digital camera of course, but I love the vintage effect it gives and there's something exciting about waiting for that little piece of paper to develop!

So, there you have it, just a few little things that have brightened up my January and have made my ill-filled weekend a little more cheery! What were your favourite Christmas presents?

Sunday, 10 January 2016

It's So Fluffy!

Faux Fur Coat: River Island // Top & Rucksack: Primark // Jeans: Topshop // Boots: Asos (similar) // Hat: H&M

Since having a slight moan last week about the grey, wet winter, we've finally been graced with some proper winter days this week; crisp and cold with a little bit of sun. With the change in climate, I've become a bit jacket obsessed lately. I've been thinking about how to jazz up warmer outfits and mostly, I've come to the conclusion that I must have ALL the jackets in the world order to do this, starting with this River Island one. My lovely Mum bought this oh-so-fluffy pink coat for me for Christmas; it's so warm, so cosy and so completely conspicuous, what's not to love!

I decided to channel my inner Chanel Oberlin this weekend and go for a fancy faux fur look, wearing all black underneath to make the coat stand out even more and completing the outfit with this knitted turban hat from H&M. Not only does a hat keep my hair from becoming a crazy mess in the wind, but the turban style also adds a bit of sixties glam. It is my favourite winter hat to date!

After finally having some proper winter this week, I can't wait to be able to wear more quirky coats and cute hats in the coming weeks! 

What are your favourite pieces for winter?

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Back to Basics

Leather Jacket: River Island // Shirt: Topshop // Top: H&M (similar) // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: Topshop // Necklace: H&M

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had fun celebrating. I would've loved to have started the new year with a new jazzy blog post but this weather has got me wanting slothy ensembles, comfy duvets and lots of Netflix. I'm soooo pining for just a little sun!

With the grey weather not letting up, I'm finding it hard to give up the comfort clothes, so I thought I'd start off the new year with a back to basics post (Mom jeans are the best invention/fashion revival item EVER). I threw on the jeans and a high neck top as I all too often do and added this baggy Topshop shirt for an extra bit of layering and a little needed pattern. I also opted for my fave leather jacket - the only good thing about this mild and wet winter is that I've got a bit more wear out of it! These Topshop shoes were a good find a couple of months ago too. A similar (and much more purse friendly!) alternative to Doc Martens, although I WILL own a proper pair one day. Such a cool shoe!

You also may have noticed that I've opted for a new shorter 'do. I always wanted long hair, but my hair in particular is a funny thing. It just doesn't want to do what I want it to, EVER. So styling it when it was long would take much more time than it probably should have. With the prospect of a new year, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go for a change and so far, I like my new hair more than the old!

So, although my outfit was very back-to-basics today, at least I can showcase something a little different in my new haircut. Maybe next week I may even branch out and wear something other than baggy jeans and tops... It's a new year, so anything could happen, eh!? :)