Monday, 23 November 2015

A Few Festive Favourites

With the 1st December a mere 8 days away, I thought it only right to talk about the five things that are absolutely putting me in the festive spirit. I know it's a bit early for some, but a little sprinkle of Christmas here and there in the lead up to the big event never hurts! I always feel like I need to feel really Chritmassy before I even start to do the big shop, so next week I'm going to grab my shopping shoes and tick a few things of the list.

First on the list, a festively scented candle never goes amiss and I adore the Yankee Candle Christmas editions. They have lovely fragrances all year round, but their Christmas scents are pretty fab. The Christmas Eve candle in particular, with its sweet cinnamon notes, completely transports me right to the festive period. Yankee Candle just get what Christmas smells like!

Next on the list is a little glitter...

Or a lot! I love all things sparkly around Christmas time from decs to dresses. I spotted these amazing glitter socks in Primark a couple of weeks ago and of course I HAD to buy them. I wore them here for a subtle dash of sass to a casual outfit.

I also look forward to bringing out the party pieces this time of year. I bought this beautifully beaded top off eBay last year and snapped up this sparkly dress in the River Island sale in 2013 (still a fave to this date! There's a similar number here!). I love that sparkle is a guaranteed trend every year around Christmas time. I'm such a magpie when it comes to shiny things!

And speaking of party attire, the build up to Christmas always brings about fresh Christmas party pieces that I ALWAYS want. I have my office party in a couple of weeks and the new Asos magazine landed on my doorstep in just the right time to provide some inspiration! I'm such a fan of the faux fur and sparkles theme this year, so another thing that always puts me in the festive spirit is the abundance of party inspo. As well as Christmas shopping for others, I do look forward to scouting that perfect outfit!

To accompany a festive, sparkly outfit, how about some festive, sparkly nails too? I must admit, I'm not that great at the nail art; however, my sister kindly offered to paint my nails using these lovely gel nail polishes by Red Carpet and I really like the result! The process takes a little longer than a quick lick of nail paint, but it is worth it. The gel does look better and lasts much longer, so even if you're feeling a little worse for wear the morning after the Christmas party, at least your nails will be on point!

Ok, so the last thing on my list isn't typically Christmassy, but I still had to talk about Adele's new album, 25 - I'm sure this will end up on many a Christmas list if it hasn't already been purchased. I can't deny, I wasn't as blown away as I thought I would be by the album (I mean, 21 was just so freakin' epic), but there are still some heartfelt tunes on this tracklist to tug on those heartstrings (I especially like the more upbeat number, Send My Love to Your New Lover), and Adele's voice is so incredible she can pretty much sing anything and make it great, plus, if you can't feel the love around Christmas then when can you, eh!?

So, there you have it! A few little things to propel me into the festive season. Wish me luck for the big shop! 

Sunday, 8 November 2015




Dungarees: Asos // Top: H&M // Shoes: Topshop // Socks: Primark

I've said it before and I'll say it again, wearing dungarees make days feel FUN. You can tell by my cheeky grin that I revert back into childhood just by putting them on. I absolutely LOVE this Asos pair; they're comfy, cool and go with so much. I do find myself wearing these a lot recently for those 'it's winter therefore I'm not leaving the house' days - I'm definitely in hibernation mode with my wardrobe!

I picked up this stripey H&M top the other day and I instantly knew I was going to team it with my dungarees for its debut wear. I was going for Dennis the Menace chic, of course. Again, I'm wearing a high neck top (I know, I know, enough already!) but I can't help but be drawn towards that style! A polo neck just adds that extra somethin' somethin' to a plain top. I can already picture a couple of other outfits incorporating this H&M top, so watch this space!

Moving away from plain are these absolutely fabulous glittery, sparkly, super socks from - yup, you guessed it! - Primark! I now want ALL socks to be like this. A subtle bit of sass which is exactly my kinda accessory. 

It's been a fairly mild November which means we are still able to leave the coats on the stand for now. Of course, I am SO excited to bring out the scarves, gloves and boots, but for now it's lovely to still be able to wear these Asos dungarees and other fun outfits before the winter really takes a hold!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Chanel, Mademoiselle Prive Exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery

On Sunday, myself and a friend raced to London for the final day of the Chanel, Mademoiselle Prive exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery. It was a fairly last minute decision as I only found out the date of the exhibition's closing a mere 24 hours beforehand. Lucky I did though, as I would've been gutted to have missed it!

The exhibition gave an insight into the beautifully feminine origins of Chanel, with a peek into the mind of the fashion house's creator, Gabrielle. An ambitious and determined lady, Gabrielle redefined what style could be for women. Not only did she conceive incredible garments, but she also created perfumes and jewellery of equal quality. Interestingly, Chanel No. 5 was the first ever designer fragrance - no wonder it is still so popular now!

The exhibition was truly 'Alice and Wonderland'; I felt myself wandering whimsically through the rooms, capturing that little bit of Chanel from the iconic staircase to the textures of fabrics. It was made all the more better by the app that was downloadable before the exhibition which gave new content as I entered each room (I managed to capture a few screenshots like the one above as the quotes especially were lovely). A brilliant and original idea!

Of course, I did manage to take a few photos just to give you a little snippet of Mademoiselle Prive;