Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ibiza Snaps: The iPhone Edit, Part 2

I'm going to be honest, I actually think I'm still catching up on sleep from my Ibiza trip - and I don't mean that in a 'bro, we partied 'til 10am every night' sort of way, I mean that in a 'yup, I'm not 18 anymore' sort of way. But, despite feeling ancient, I still had the most fun partying on the White Isle. I talked about the more chilled and cultural aspects of my trip in my last post, but of course, I had to talk about my favourite party places too! I visited a fair few of the bucket list of party destinations, but I've picked my top 3 (otherwise, I really will ramble all night).

First up, Zoo Project. This event is literally held in an abandoned zoo (well, that's the story anyway, I hope it's true!) and is amazing! You can be told the party's in a zoo a hundred times, but then you get there, and suddenly it's like, 'omg, we're partying in a zoo, guys.' - it's pretty bloody cool! Everyone goes all out with the face paints and it is such a fun atmosphere - you can find talented folk who will paint you as an animal around the towns for around $20-$30 and it is so worth it!

Another favourtie venue of mine was Ushuaia and I think it's a firm favourite with most people who have been to Ibiza. Not only is the place beautiful (just look at those flowers weaving up the walls!) but it also hosts residency to some of the biggest djs over the summer months. We had the pleasure of seeing Mr Guetta whilst we were there - I'm a pop gal at heart so I was in my element!

Last on my favourites list, is Ocean Beach Club. These photos do not do it justice (damn these grainy, terrible photos!) but the place is amazing. They hold different events throughout the week, but us '90s kids chose the 'Kisstory' day. We were also lucky enough to secure a VIP bed which meant we had a comfy place to perch in our own section of the pool with a bit of shade too - perfect! Now, I know this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but this was my absolute favourite thing of the week. Being surrounded by my closest pals, listening to all the tunes I remembered from 'the good old days', with a cheeky glass (or five) of champagne, ALL whilst being in a pool, left me feeling really lucky! It was a such a fab experience.

So, that's my Ibiza trip all rounded up! I so hope to return in the next couple of years! If any of you are heading there over the summer, enjoy! You will have the best time :)

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