Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ibiza Snaps: The iPhone Edit, Part 2

I'm going to be honest, I actually think I'm still catching up on sleep from my Ibiza trip - and I don't mean that in a 'bro, we partied 'til 10am every night' sort of way, I mean that in a 'yup, I'm not 18 anymore' sort of way. But, despite feeling ancient, I still had the most fun partying on the White Isle. I talked about the more chilled and cultural aspects of my trip in my last post, but of course, I had to talk about my favourite party places too! I visited a fair few of the bucket list of party destinations, but I've picked my top 3 (otherwise, I really will ramble all night).

First up, Zoo Project. This event is literally held in an abandoned zoo (well, that's the story anyway, I hope it's true!) and is amazing! You can be told the party's in a zoo a hundred times, but then you get there, and suddenly it's like, 'omg, we're partying in a zoo, guys.' - it's pretty bloody cool! Everyone goes all out with the face paints and it is such a fun atmosphere - you can find talented folk who will paint you as an animal around the towns for around $20-$30 and it is so worth it!

Another favourtie venue of mine was Ushuaia and I think it's a firm favourite with most people who have been to Ibiza. Not only is the place beautiful (just look at those flowers weaving up the walls!) but it also hosts residency to some of the biggest djs over the summer months. We had the pleasure of seeing Mr Guetta whilst we were there - I'm a pop gal at heart so I was in my element!

Last on my favourites list, is Ocean Beach Club. These photos do not do it justice (damn these grainy, terrible photos!) but the place is amazing. They hold different events throughout the week, but us '90s kids chose the 'Kisstory' day. We were also lucky enough to secure a VIP bed which meant we had a comfy place to perch in our own section of the pool with a bit of shade too - perfect! Now, I know this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but this was my absolute favourite thing of the week. Being surrounded by my closest pals, listening to all the tunes I remembered from 'the good old days', with a cheeky glass (or five) of champagne, ALL whilst being in a pool, left me feeling really lucky! It was a such a fab experience.

So, that's my Ibiza trip all rounded up! I so hope to return in the next couple of years! If any of you are heading there over the summer, enjoy! You will have the best time :)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Ibiza Snaps: The iPhone Edit, Part 1

Hey everyone!

I have just returned from an amazing trip to Ibiza with some of my closest pals and thought I'd share some holiday snaps. I didn't dare to take my camera with me in case it got lost or broken (these girls holidays can get a little wild!) so I took all my photos on my trusty iPhone 5s. They're a little grainy, but hopefully you still enjoy them!

We did do a little partying of course (read: actually quite a lot) but I thought part 1 of my holiday diary would focus more on the chilled and pretty parts of the area of Ibiza in which we stayed. No matter where I go, I always aim to soak up a bit of the local culture!

The part of the Island my friends and I stayed in is called Playa D'en Bossa. It's about ten minutes away from Ibiza Town and is within walking distance to the Ushaia Hotel, Space, Hard Rock, Bora Bora Beach and the countless bars. We only spent one day at Bora Bora Beach as our week was pretty packed, but it was a fun atmosphere with music blaring and people getting into the party mood throughout the day. You have to be prepared for promoters though - I think we were approached to buy tickets about eight times in the space of two or three hours.


Despite feeling crazy tired on our last morning, myself and two others were determined to see the Old Town and I am so glad we did. It's a place full of beautiful old buildings and a harbour full of gorgeous yachts to make anyone feel very envious! We had a bite to eat looking over the harbour before taking a stroll and doing some shopping. It was super hot but also very relaxing.

We stumbled upon the most beautiful street. Gorgeous old buildings surrounded by blossom like trees of bright pinks, reds and whites. I HAD to ask my lovely friend to take my picture, and she ended up catching this candid snap of me quite literally looking around the town so I was really pleased! Oh, and in case you're wondering, this lovely embroidered cover up is from Primark! It was perfectly light for a stroll in the hot weather.

Our last night was spent at the gorgeous Cafe Mambo, which is located in the aptly named 'sunset strip' of San Antonio. It was a perfect way to end our holiday; watching the beautiful sunset was over the rocks was just amazing. It is a must if you're heading to Ibiza and fancy a more chilled evening. I was also fascinated by the natural deposits of salt in the rocks and their pretty patterns - of course I had to take a pic!

Going back through these pictures has definitely got me feeling the holiday blues! I would love to hear if any of you have been to, or are planning a to visit Ibiza this summer? Let me know what you got up to or what you plan to do!

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Holiday Essentials

Yay! It's the (second) most wonderful time of the year - holiday season! I'm jetting off to Ibiza on Friday with a few of my closest pals and I'm soooo bloody excited!! Of course, in my excitement, I have already started packing and I thought I'd share some of my essentials.

Pool Shoes

As much as I do enjoy a flip flop, I can't deny that even round the pool, I do prefer a sandal. With Ibiza being quite a glam party destination (or at least, that's what I hear!), I thought these snakeskin print sandals would be a good choice; slip on and light for round the pool but a sassy print for a bit more of a glam feel! They were picked up for £4 from Primark. Again, £4!! You really can't go wrong!

Just Keep Swimming

I get a bit obsessive when it comes to swimwear; I'm always hunting for the perfect piece (or two piece, of course). I fell in love with this tropical print H&M bikini as soon as I saw it and I opted for the high waisted bottoms. Only problem with H&M bikinis? The sizing! I've had to size up and up again to have a comfortable fit, but gosh darn it their swimwear is gorgeous! They always have my favourite prints, so they do still entice me every year, despite the sizing issues.


These Asos sunglasses (similar here) barely left my face last year. I wore them all throughout my holiday, summer, city breaks and beyond. You can't beat this retro style - they come back every year!

Scents and Sensibility 

Of course, there are so many other toiletries that I'll be packing, but these are some of my favourite AND reasonably priced ones. I love Boots' Vitamin E range. As someone with dry and sensitive skin, I definitely recommend it. My skin feels really soft and it really helps with the dryness! I also love a lip balm and can't go anywhere without one. This Nivea lip balm (similar) will be perfect for keeping my lips hydrated and they have a nice rosy tint for a bit of daytime glam!

A nice scent again is essential. It can finish off a night time look and all the lovely summer scents out there help to put you in the holiday mood! I've chosen Boss Ma Vie on this occasion, but as usual there are so many gorgeous summer fragrances at the moment, designer or highstreet.

The most important toiletry though, has to be sun cream (taking care of your skin is important, y'all!). I'm opting for Boots Soltan Protect & Tan. I used it last year and I truly think that it helped my pail skin catch a bit more of a glow! I'm keeping it sensible of course - factor 30 alll dayyy (quite literally).


I'm a big fan of statement jewellery, even if I don't get to wear it that often. I always like blinging it up a bit on holiday but with the heat and all, chunky jewellery isn't always the most comfortable. I'm going to be taking an array of jewellery on my holiday, this little beaut included. I love a long necklace these days and I'm a big fan of this vintage style Topshop piece. It'll just add a little something to a plain outfit AND it was £5 in the sale, yay!

Cover Up

If I'm popping to the bar or even just up to the room, I like to have something to throw over. This lovely tasseled shirt is another sale find - this time from H&M. This and a black version were in store a couple of weeks ago for £7. I absolutely adored the black version last year and wore it as a kimono more than I did a shirt. It's a perfect little cover up for the pool or beach and will go with so much being a neutral colour!

After doing a spot of packing, I'm even more excited to be jetting off for a girlie week in Ibiza! I'm now officially on countdown!

What are your holiday essentials?