Sunday, 7 September 2014

Making a Statement in Edinburgh

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I travelled to Edinburgh for a three day break and it was wonderful. Edinburgh is a beautiful, rustic city with plenty of landmarks to visit.

Packing for a city break can be tricky, especially if you're flying and can only take hand luggage (this was me). I normally limit myself to one pair of 'go with everything' shoes and a couple of pairs of comfy jeans and tops. I also managed to fit an extra jacket in too! This brings me to the 'outfit of the day'.

T-shirt: H&M // Jacket: River Island // Jeans: Topshop (similar) // Boots: Topshop (similar) // Belt: Primark // Bag: H&M (similar) // Sunglasses: Asos

Statement tees have been everywhere this year. I love that something so simple can add so much to an outfit. I instantly wanted this H&M grey number. I LOVE the Mean Girls reference (I mean like, BEST. FILM. EVERRR) but love even more that this tee actually says 'you can sit with us', which is a lovely message! T-shirts are always lightweight and can look effortlessly cool; perfect to pack into a tiny suitcase for a simple but effective city break look.

My trusty Topshop boots came with me again to Edinburgh. They're ridiculously comfy and have lasted me nearly a year - a testament to Topshop quality and to the timelessness of their pieces.

I bought this jacket a couple of years ago from a River Island sale. I love anything patterned and couldn't resist it. I'm glad that blazers are still so prominent on the high street as they've always been a favourite of mine - River Island always offer different styles of blazer which is great. They add a bit of sophistication to a simple outfit.

Along with my other practical pieces comes my 'city break' handbag. Simple and chic but big enough to fit all the essentials and more - this one was bought from H&M a few months ago. Totes are always in fashion so are a good investment!

Onto my snaps of Edinburgh!

After arriving at about 6pm we had dinner and looked around the city centre after. Edinburgh is beautiful in the evening light and it was lovely to be able to see the sunset over the city.

On our first proper day, we started at the Scottish Museum of Modern Art. It's not as big as somewhere like the Tate, but still housed some interesting and beautiful works. I'm a huge exhibition geek, so this was a perfect place to start our exploration of Edinburgh!

Next on the itinerary was St Mary's Cathedral. There's something magical about visiting traditional churches, even if you're not religious. The architecture is beautiful and they're always so peaceful.

After that, we visited the most famous Edinburgh landmark - Edinburgh Castle. It's the must-see in Edinburgh which towers over the city offering amazing 360° views.

St Giles' Cathedral was next. The most famous cathedral in the city and was again, beautiful.

Arthur's Seat was amazing. It's an inactive volcano surrounded by a natural park. The climb was a little tiring at times! But it was worth it to experience the views. I also do love a long walk through the country side, so this was a perfect thing to do.

The Royal Mile - Edinburgh old town. So pretty and authentic. I loved how 'old' the city was. I adored New York when I went a few years ago and my heart lies with London, but there was something charming about having no skyscrapers and limited modern buildings in such a big city.

Our last day was spent at Edinburgh Zoo. Unfortunately, the giant pandas were off limits as the female was showing signs of pregnancy (which is great news for the pandas, yay!) but the rest of it was still lots of fun.

For anyone planning a little city break I would definitely recommend Edinburgh. It was my first trip to Scotland and definitely not my last. I've always heard Edinburgh was beautiful and it's 100% true!


  1. Love your photos of the city, especially the cathedrals! Make me want to visit Edinburgh..

  2. Thanks! Edinburgh is definitely worth a visit if you can :)

  3. Love this look and your pictures of Edinburgh are beautiful!!

    I've nominated you for the Leibster award :) I love your blog x

  4. Ah thank you! I will check out the post :) x

  5. I'm doing a study abroad in St. Andrews this spring and cannot wait to get my hands on Scotland! I'm a little terrified of being so far away from home, but I do love the UK so very much! Glad you had such a good time :) x

  6. I've lived in England all my life but have only just got around to visiting Scotland! Will definitely aim to go back soon. Enjoy your studying there and good luck! :) x