Sunday, 20 July 2014

Time for Tea Dress

Oh my, how hot has it been this week? I've realised I haven't really posted many summery outfits, and I must admit, I'm a little conscious when it comes to exposing the legs.

Nevertheless, I had to leave the jeans in the draw and wear something light.






Dress: Primark // Shoes: Newlook @ Asos (similar) // Necklaces: Vintage // Sunglasses: Portobello Market

I just love a tea dress! They're flattering on any figure and so light and airy for hot days. This was bought a few of months ago from Primark (I realise now nearly every post has Primark somewhere. I'm sure I'm not the only shopaholic who adores that store!). I know this print was everywhere a little while ago, so perhaps I'm a bit late on this post! Still, it's a cute, simple print that is perfect for summer.

I've gone for a vintage vibe today, but paired the dress with these chunky soles to add a bit of edge. They're so comfy, I'm so pleased I got these! I'm not sure if these exact ones are available still, but chunky shoes are everywhere right now so picking up similar won't be too difficult!

The pendant necklace was bought at Oxfam. A charity shop rummage is a favourite past-time of mine and I've built a little vintage jewellery collection from doing so at a snip! The chain is from my Great Nana's jewellery box. I never met her, but my Nana let me have a few dress pieces. It's lovely that even little things can be passed down through the generations and still be in style; truly timeless fashion!

How lucky have we been this week with the weather? Unfortunately, like most people, I have to view the sunshine from an office window 9-5.30, Monday to Friday - it still puts me in a better mood though and weekends are always better in the sun (even if it is a bit sticky. EWWW.)

I'm off to Turkey next week with my Mum and I can't wait to relax by the pool, do a bit of sight seeing and of course wear my new, specially bought holiday outfits. I need to get packing!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Oh boy

The 'boyfriend' trend has been around for a while but I think it's been particularly popular since last winter. From boyfriend jackets to jeans, androgynous attire can look effortlessly cool and is comfy too!

As an avid Topshop jeans fan, I couldn't resist buying a pair of their 'Hayden'  boyfriend jeans.


Top: Forever 21 (similar) // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: Primark

These jeans are my new favourite piece of clothing! I love anything high waisted and even though these are slightly baggy, they're actually quite slimming! These are perfect for sunny days and can be dressed up or down.

The thigh isn't meant to be ripped that much... but a little graze turned into a big tear after moving about and going to sit down! I embraced it, but I'm debating whether to attempt to sew it back up? Hmmm...

I decided to keep in with the 'boyish' theme and pair the jeans with a short sleeve, buttoned up shirt and some black pumps; I wanted to keep my look simple. I bought the shirt last year and it has served me well! I think a patterned shirt is always a wardrobe staple and short sleeves are perfect for summer. The shoes were also a bargain at £7; they go with loads and are pretty comfy too!

Even though I'm usually a 'girly girl', I can't help but also love a less typically feminine look. Androgyny will always be fashionable and the masculine/feminine combination is attractive to many.

As I was writing this today, I suddenly felt that I may be in danger of coming across as slightly sexist by referring to things as feminine or masculine. I think it's inevitable that some things will always be regarded as typically male or female (I mean, they're called 'boyfriend' jeans as standard), but I feel lucky that we live in a time that allows us to explore and embrace different looks regardless of gender.

My look isn't exactly extreme, but it's nice to wear things that are a bit different and out of your comfort zone now and again!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Wireless Festival: 5th July 2014

Yesterday, me and a few friends went to Wireless Festival to see the likes of Azealia Banks, Labrinth, Rudimental, oh and err someone called Kanye West? You may have heard of him...

It was SO MUCH FUN. I love the festival atmosphere and everyone we saw put on a great show (Kanye had a bit of a rant, but I can't deny that man can perform!)

Choosing what to wear to a festival should be easy - throw a pac-a-mac on and really, you're good to go! But, for me, looking fashionable and summery whilst maintaining comfort and practicality can be a challenge!

 Black blouse: H&M (similar) // Floral shirt: Topshop sale // Shorts: Topshop // Shoes: Primark // Necklace: Primark //Sunglasses: Portobello Market // Belt: Primark

I decided to go for the all time festival staple - denim shorts. I have been looking for longer denim shorts for ages and these FINALLY arrived at Topshop. They're super high waisted and, although still short, they have a bit of extra length so as to not reveal any 'cheeks'!

This pretty, short-sleeve floral shirt was picked up this week in the Topshop sale for the absolute bargain price of £18! I always LOVE the Topshop sale and picked up a few other bits which I'll be wearing soon. Topshop always have quality pieces in the sale so it's definitely worth a look!

The black blouse was bought a few months ago from H&M. I decided to wear it as a kimono yesterday - another festival must have. I saw so many lovely kimonos yesterday; I wanted to ask about 20 people where they got them from (I chickened out of course.)

The converse style shoes are from Primark. I decided I didn't want to risk wearing real ones just in case it was muddy! As it turned out, the ground was really dry so I would've been fine. Still, these £7 shoes were pretty comfy and still look nearly as good!

It was an amazing day and was great to see some of my favourite artists perform live! Here's a few photos from the day:

 Rocking the pac-a-mac. This Primark beauty has lasted me two years from festivals to theme parks!


Me and the boyf posing with the main stage


Kanye West

I'm also headed to V Festival in August and after yesterday, cannot wait for it! I would love to hear if anyone else went to Wireless this weekend or if you have any festivals planned? Oh, and what festival fashion ideas you have too of course!