Monday, 5 May 2014

The Art of Recycling

On Friday, I made my biggest purchase yet... a brand new car! I've had my license for five and half years now but I started my driving life by sharing my Mum's Peugeot 307. I then went to university and didn't drive again until I graduated. Since then, I've been driving my boyfriend's car every now and again.

When I graduated last summer, I made it a goal to start properly driving again and, although my car is a big purchase, I still found a good deal on a car I love and, more importantly, a car that is reliable and will last me a good few years!

So here it is! My brand new Ford KA Zetec. I am in love! But as in love as I am, the deposit has set me back financially this month... So what does a fashion obsessed, shopaholic do when her finances are low? RECYCLE.

I must admit, I am terrible sometimes for wearing things once and shoving it to the back of the wardrobe, and sometimes it takes me ages to figure out what to wear if I don't have something new lined up. Some people can chuck on anything and look amazing (I'm very jealous of these people!) but I sometimes need a bit more time and effort when choosing the day's ensemble.

Last year, I started collecting images to inspire me when I was stuck for outfits to wear in an attempt to stop me from spending so much and start utlising what I already had. It's a bit geeky, but I can't deny I love a collage!

All photos have been sourced from a number of fashion and celebrity magazines. Particular credit goes to Look Magazine and the free Asos and H&M Magazines

So, as I had to recycle this weekend, I thought I'd also go for a revamped trend - nineties inspired (and Fresh Prince-esque!). Although my outfit below isn't an exact replica of one in my scrapbook, a flick through the images helped me to think about how to style an old piece of clothing a bit differently.

Shirt: Forever 21 // Necklace: H&M // Jeans: Topshop

I thought I'd go for something bright and fun to go with the lovely weather we've been having. Everything I'm wearing was bought last year, but similar items still seem to be available now. Short sleeve patterned shirts are fairly easy to come by and the Topshop jeans are very similar to what is available now; 'Joni' jeans are a brilliant wardrobe staple.

So, next time you have a 'I have nothing to wear!!' moment, have a little look through that magazine on the coffee table, and see if you become inspired to recycle something you'd almost forgotten about!

I'll leave you with a cheeky car selfie (wearing my favourite Portobello market sunnies). I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday and have enjoyed the sunshine!


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  2. I collage magazine photos too! It's the best when I'm in a rush and "have nothing to wear." Glad I'm not the only geeky one out there. Congrats on the car!

  3. Ahh amazing! I was a bit hesitant to share my scrapbook secret but I'm pleased to hear that you do the same! And thank you! Buying my car was a very proud moment :) x