Monday, 21 April 2014

Paul Smith Exhibition: The Design Museum, London

I have never studied fashion officially, but I still love to learn about the history of fashion and to find out a bit more about the development of trends. As today was the last day of the bank holiday (boo!), my Mum and I decided to round off a lovely weekend with a London visit.

The Paul Smith Exhibition 'Hello, My Name is Paul Smith' at the Design Museum, London was pretty amazing. For those who don't know much about him, Paul Smith is a contemporary British designer, famous for his colourful designs and putting a twist on the traditional.

Paul Smith's exhibition is a journey through his career and an insight to his creative processes as well as a display of his work. It was truly inspiring, and focused on the notion of following dreams and making the most of every day. He started off in a small shop measuring 3 metres by 3 metres and had to do freelance work for financial support. His first official menswear collections were showcased in his bedroom or friends apartments and interest was built gradually. Now he's one of the most famous and successful British designers in the history of fashion - hard work definitely pays off! His designs are timeless, and especially appeal to me as a lover of the bright, bold and tailored.

This exhibition is definitely worth a visit. Even if you're not into fashion that much, the design and craftsmanship is excellent and it will leave you feeling motivated to achieve your goals (no matter how big or small.)

Aside from the exhibition, a visit to London calls for an 'outfit of the day' post. I didn't expect it to be as warm as it was in London today, but still dressed for smart Spring.

Shirt: Primark // Dress: Asos // Boots: Topshop // Bag: H&M // Necklace: Oxfam // Rings: Primark

I absolutely ADORE this sixties-esque Asos dress. These photos really do it no justice (I need to invest in a better camera soon!). It's beautifully embroidered and made from great quality, lightweight velvet material. It was bought in the sale recently with an extra discount code provided by Asos (I love it when they do that!) so was around £30.00 - an absolute steal for such a lovely item. I thought this dress would be a good choice for a sunny but mild day. These Topshop boots were also a brilliant investment and go with near enough anything. I've had them since October, and they've lasted me countless days out as well as a long weekend trekking around Paris. The design is fairly timeless; I saw a pair very similar to these in there only a few days ago, so hopefully they'll last me a while longer yet!

I feel naked without at least one ring on, although unfortunately, I don't have the most attractive hands (lol!). This still doesn't curb my obsession for chunky, statement rings to delicate, midi rings however, and the one above came from a great set of thin midi rings from Primark; they're some of my favourite accessories and I wear them a lot!

After a fabulous bank holiday weekend topped off with a day full of inspiration, I'll start the working week feeling a bit more determined to do different things and to think a bit more about what I'd like to achieve in the next few months.

Hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday and a chocolate filled Easter!

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