Thursday, 15 March 2018

Outfits from the 'Gram: Part II

Lately, I've kinda given up with lugging my camera around in an attempt to take outfit photos. Aside from it being a heavy addition to a handbag, it's not doing quite what it used to (and even back in the day, it wasn't a camera with super-duper functionality). At almost 4 years old, my little Nikon is giving up the ghost. I'm by no means a master of photography, but I think I'm about ready to start the long slog of saving for a newer model, or maybe for something more compact to pop in my handbag day-to-day. It's a hobby that I adore but one I've let slide, so perhaps in a few months once the finances are in place, I'll renew my love for the lens. In the meantime though, I'm trying to be spontaneous with my (again, basic) iPhone 6 plus. It takes the pressure off a little, which means I have new motivation to populate the 'gram.

February and March have been funny old months. February seemed to whizz by in a flash, and March greeted us with a dumping of snow and minus temperatures. Being stuck between seasons brings about new challenges in simply putting on clothes, but my new go-to, is to chuck on a black polo neck under a summer dress, and team it with boots and a beret (I've truly forgotten what life was like pre-beret now). It makes me feel a little brighter and a step closer to sunnier days, but practically speaking, I'm WARM. Asos is always a fave, and this pink floral midi dress, and green floral tea dress, have proved themselves to be versatile style-saviours.

Does anyone else just walk into Monki and immediately regret it because you just know your bank balance is about to significantly reduce? Because same. I knew I needed this retro-feelin', striped number as soon as I laid eyes on it. I teamed it with my practically-pyjama velvet trousers from Zara and whacked on some classic converse for a true homage to the seventies.

And hello snow! To a lot of the UK, the snow brought about absolute chaos and more times than not, it can be more of a ball-ache than a ball. But, it looked so pretty from outside my window that I had to step out and embrace it, wearing the coat that absolutely everyone has (and for good reason): the Monki vinyl biker jacket. It literally goes with e-ver-y-thing.

Last but not least, I've found myself sporting some primary colours of late. Primark always brings the gems, with a pop of bright blue or a classic red check.

Word on the weather-forecast is that we could be about to be dusted with more snow this weekend. Whilst I hope warmer climes make an appearance soon, I can't deny that I'll miss fluffy jumpers and cute jackets! Here's to a few more weeks of not knowing if it's going to be -5 degrees or borderline tropical, and to experimenting with winter-meets-spring ensembles!

Friday, 26 January 2018

Outfits from the 'Gram

Well, hello there! I know this is WAY overdue on 26th January, but Happy New Year! The festivities have well and truly left the building, and instead, we're now stuck in an endless cycle of January (seriously, when will it end?!). It's been a fairly uneventful month since the NYE hangover, but I've still not found the time to blog (and that's one New Year's Resolution I've already managed to let slide...). But here we are! And I'm trying one photo at a time to get back into the rhythm of this blogging malarkey. I thought I'd put together a quick post of some of the things I've worn throughout winter, but haven't had a chance to pop up on here until now. 

I'll start at the top. I've become OBSESSED with Nasty Gal. Its reasonably priced garms have got me good, and this 'Femme' sweater was an amazing sale find. A late night dash to Tesco turned into a mini photoshoot down the detergent aisle, all because the colour arrangement made for a cute backdrop, whilst perfectly matching the rainbow effect of the sweater. Who'da thunk?

The second and third photos kinda show a story of the seasons, starting with pumpkin picking in autumn, and a wander through the snow in winter (and equally awkward poses in each). Both situs posed an opportunity to do some outfit recycling, wearing pieces that have dwelled in the 'drobe for far too long. Another NY resolution is for me to mix and match with what I already have and spend less on new clothes. I'm hoping Ben and I can start climbing that property ladder this year, so every penny saved counts!

Onto the fourth and fifth photos, and I'm going to call this my 'beret era' (which I'm still VERY much in). Primark came up trumps again with this Parisienne piece, and at only £4, naturally I bought the same beret in a variety of colours. From posing with a pink door in my zara-crochet-jumper-sale-find-of-dreams (because, why wouldn't you?!), to mirror selfies in the squeakiest H&M puffer jacket, winter dressing is still proving to be a lotta fun, albeit slightly tricky when the weather's so unpredictable.

And last but not least, my NYE party attire. I picked up this silver sequin top for £15 in the Very sale after spotting it on style queen and all-round lovely human Fearne Cotton. That wasn't the best bargain on my person on December 31st though - I upped the sparkly ante with multicoloured sequin heels from Topshop, reduced form £49 to £20! It's safe to say the excitement at finding them in my size was off the charts, and I boogied the night away looking like a human disco ball.

So there you have it, a quick round up of outfits from the 'gram. Have a great weekend folks. Hopefully I'll see ya again soon!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Beret Christmas

Coat: Primark // Jumpsuit: Monki // Boots: Zara // Beret: Primark // Bag: Monki (similar)

Me? Google 'how to wear a beret' frantically before heading out in this outfit? Never! Ok, maybe a little. Effortless chic is not necessarily my forte, but I was determined to attempt the trend. 

I bought this jumpsuit a couple of months ago from Monki aka my new fave high street store. DAMN that store and its bewitching garms - my money magically disappears as soon as I get onto their site... I've worn it to a few parties/gatherings and even a day or two here at work since purchasing it, so at least I can confirm I'm getting my money's worth. With this piece making such an appearance day-to-day, it was only right that I wrote an ode to this Monki number on here too. The print, the comfort and the day-to-night-ability makes it the best thing in my wardrobe at the moment!

I paired it with my newest Primark accessories; the ultimate winter shearling coat (the quality is AMAZING!) and a pillar box red beret. I'm always a fan of a pop of colour here and there and I like to think it makes the outfit stand out a little more. Not only that, but red is of course the fave festive shade, and I don't know about you, but I am SUPER excited for the Christmas break. With there not being too long left until the big day, I'm rapidly realising I really need to get my skates on and finish ticking off the shopping list... Oops!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Get Nasty

Dress: Nasty Gal // Boots: Primark

Ahh, autumn. You so pretty. Who doesn't love the orange hues, cosy evenings and an excuse to stay in PJs all weekend? I was reluctant to give up summer dressing (especially as we hadn't even really had a summer), but now the fresh, chilly air has settled in for the season, I'm embracing it. Now that the cold season is officially here, my bank account has officially been emptied. From new knits, to boot hauls, I've gone a bit wild on the new season wardrobe, starting with this BEAUT Nasty Gal dress. 

My first experience with Nasty Gal has been a dream. 25% off AND free next day delivery meant that this marvellous midi was only 26 quid and it is quite the bargain. The seventies ruffles, pretty floral print and flowing skirt is right up my street, and now I just want to buy everything else off the site too. Nasty Gal has cast its spell on me and I am bewitched by the gorgeous garms. 

For an extra slice of seventies pizzazz, I teamed the dress with my glittery sock boots from Primark. So sparkly they're probably visible from space, and I have even caught some compliments from strangers about them too!

Now that the dark evenings are here, I'm SO looking forward to Netflix filled weekends in fluffy socks with plenty of hot chocolate. My mourning for summer has officially ended!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Gingham Girl

T-shirt: Adolescent Clothing via Asos // Skirt: Asos // Shoes: Ego // Earrings: H&M (similar) // Backpack: Monki

Ok, I admit it. I, Josie Pattle, prefer summer dressing to winter dressing. OMG it feels good to get that off my chest. After a lifetime of believing I preferred chunky knits and sleek coats, I've come to realisation that I am much more suited to no-jackets, simple tees and a flowing skirt here and there. And now, with my new found love of sunny-season ensembles, I'm definitely not ready to let them go, despite the declining temperature and the fashion calendar fully swinging into AW17. Here's hoping for an Indian summer!

I finally got my hands on Asos's uh-mazinggg 'deconstructed' red gingham midi skirt. The red and pink trend has been everywhere this year, and I might be a little late for that train but I'm still hoppin' on it before the end of the season. As I say, I'm not ready to let go of summer dressing just yet! It's the perfect swishing skirt, and another 'dancer emoji' kinda outfit (ideal!).

I'm a sucker for a graphic tee, and this simple Adolescent Clothing one was just too cute not to purchase. I even wore it again with jeans to work today, so it's already proving its versatility! It feels like it's really good quality too, and doesn't crease easily either - hello, perfect t-shirt of dreams!

With the August bank holiday looming (yay for a 3 day weekend!), I'm still hopeful that we haven't seen the last of 20+ degree weather for 2017. I still have a few more summer outfits up my sleeve that I'm not ready to part with just yet!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Monki Business

Jumpsuit: Monki // Backpack: Monki // Trainers: Topshop (similar) // Sunglasses: H&M 

Monki, you beauty. Thank you for being a jumpsuit-lover's dream. I am addicted to the all-in-one and this is EXACTLY my kinda outfit. I'm very partial to a pattern, and this purply/pinky explosion caught my eye instantly, and for only £35 I couldn't say no. From sunny holidays, to work, to throwing it on with some heels for cocktails and shape throwing; it does it ALL. As you can tell, I adore it. And I just had a peek at all the other jumpsuits they've got going on on their website. GOOD. BYE. MONEY.

For a casual wonder around Oxford last weekend, I popped on my trusty white trainers and my sale backpack find (Monki, you spoil me!). The sun decided to show its face once more, so I was thrilled I got to wear my summer garms again. Even more thrilled that I found a pink wall to blend in with (which I have cheekily used before for blog photos!).

Apparently, the weather is looking promising for the weekend ahead (us Brits and the weather, eh?!). I definitely need to get some plans together for it, and possibly another Monki jumpsuit ready for a bit more sunshine...

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Dancing-Emoji Dress

Midi Dress, Shoes and Sunglasses: Primark // Earrings: H&M (similar)

Recently, Ben and I took a trip to the Kent coast, visiting both Whitstable and Margate and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring that little bit of the UK. Whitstable is so beautiful and quaint (with the most Instagrammable oyster bar) and Margate has the coolest independent shops and cafes, complete with its super cute vintage theme park, Dreamland. 

The pebble beach in Whitstable made for a nice little backdrop for the latest round of outfit photos, even if the sun didn't want to shine on the day I decided to take them! I wore this floral midi dress from Primark and felt exactly like the dancing emoji, which can surely never be a bad thing. Teamed with quite possibly the BEST accessories I've ever owned; these H&M statement earrings. I've worn them so much as I love the way they can make an outfit pop. I'm on the hunt for more statement jewellery as I definitely want to add to the collection!

Even though we were only away for a few days, I still most definitely have the holiday blues. Only one more full day off left until I'm back to work after a lovely and relaxing week off! But first, I'm off out tonight to celebrate one of my besties' birthday! Enjoy your weekends all!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Glitter and Gold

Last weekend, a pal and I went to Secret Garden Party, AKA THE coolest festival I've ever been to. It was dreamy; full of amazing music, the yummiest food stalls and totally Instagrammable moments (take a peek here!). My favourite hidden gem though, was the gorgeously golden sunflower field, and we wasted no time in diving in for our photo opportunities. I decided on a festival appropriate Primark dress. It's floaty, floral and loose-fitting, so it ticks all the boxes for me! Teamed with all Primark accessories of course, from the backpack, to the sunnies, to the wellies! Not bad for an outfit under £30, eh?!

The weekend started out with all sun and smiles, but the rain quickly poured in. That didn't spoil the music or the mood though. We danced through the wet and through the mud and it was so much fun, all capped off on the Sunday with the prettiest paint party!

Whilst I do miss the glitter in my daily beauty routine, and would definitely love to walk through sunflower fields every day, I can't deny that I'm still feeling the effects of last week's escapades (starting to sound v old!). I have this week off work to finally recover, with a few days booked by the British sea side. Stay tuned!